The Washington DC Effect

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“Perspective is everything” and “perception is reality” have become the Wordist’s way of restating the ‘theory of relativity’ in social terms.

The Nation, which our founding fathers fought and died for and their Posterity built from its ashes, has mutated into one giant ‘all-inclusive’ Sandals Resort. This “flip-flops only” immigration destination is replete with free education for “refugees”, in-state tuition rates for anchor babies, and Constitutional rights for everybody. All on the backs of our ancestors and at the expense of OUR children and grandchildren.

Let me be clear, geographical proximity to Washington DC does NOT guarantee one constitutional rights and special privileges. Earned citizenship and shared, spilled blood does that.

Sometimes proximity to problem-solving or an ongoing project blurs a man’s strategic focus and clouds his vision. These particular points in time represent opportunities where an objective professional can truly add value in industry or on the campaign trail. As is the case with the white mantra and the swarm’s meme seeding, perhaps we’re all positioned a little too close to our hard work to see the fruits of our labor, let alone accurately predict likely net outcomes.

Today, Dr. David Duke announced that a vote against Trump (and inaction on our part) is treason against our race. While I’m all for call to action, a large part of my soul remains skeptical about this assertion. Both Marco Rubio’s and John Kasich’s names have been bandied about lately. Then, yesterday, the Teflon Don told CNN that he will likely pick “a political insider.” Uh-oh… alarm bells and train whistles should be going off everywhere; standby to standby for a healthy salvo of Bob Whitaker “I told you so’s.”

Will Donald Trump unwind our tightly-wound memetic velvet web by selecting a paycheck cuckservative or non-White for Vice President? Wait. Isn’t this the year of the outsider? We’ll know for certain if Donald Trump is the real deal when he selects a pro-white dissident or less than respectable conservative for Vice President. I’m thinking Ann Coulter or Patrick Buchanan would seal the deal for me. Nevertheless, it appears to me that we’ve covered new ground in near record time.

Another major challenge with pioneering new frontiers is being unable to use history as a barometer and project likely net outcomes. Many on our team have run into this phenomenon lately, even our good ol’ coach.

Think of this challenge as a bit like attempting to triangulate with only one known node or “solving for x” with only one known variable. My major concern is that a brighter future for our children is largely running on fumes and guttural, killer instinct here, folks.

The most important takeaway is not so much knowing what to expect, but that we are pioneering new frontiers at all. No matter the outcome of this election year and its midterm spinoff, what’s crystal clear is that BUGS has stretched the Overton Window so far right that we have now made the impossible possible… again.

We have done our part on this leg of the journey. Now, it is America who must choose wisely… in 2024.

As they say, “The sky’s the limit,” and we all have “miles to go before I sleep.”

White Men Need Not Apply


Recently, the President of Missouri University (and other Whites) was forced to resign from his position for not prosecuting “racism” on Mizzou’s campus thoroughly enough. This came about because the Mizzou football team threatened to renege on their athletic scholarships and sit-out until their long list of demands was met. Never mind, the unspoken and ongoing threat of anti-White terrorism on campus if University brass ignored the Black Lives Matter thugs. As usual, nobody called them on their bullshit and there are no lawyers with the requisite intestinal fortitude to take on a White client on that basis alone.

So, I wrote former Mizzou President Tim Wolfe to let him know that he was now one of us, whether he liked it or not:

“Disagreement is not hate. Free speech is not hate. Chasing Europid whites down for exercising our Constitutional rights does, in fact, constitute anti-White hate.”

Their motive is clear: There exists no explicit protection for White males under the letter of the law, only what is written in the Preamble. And there is no White family unit without productive White males.

We are not allowed to sue for anti-White discrimination in the workplace because everyone, including us, expects “privileged White males” to secure another job – and fast. After all, tax revenue doesn’t grow on trees. Everyone always seems less convinced that non-Whites will become productive again if terminated.

So, they are coddled, paid to stay in school, and “protected” like the ugly ape at the zoo. This assertion can be tested by observing the look on people’s faces when a White man applies for extended unemployment benefits, food stamps or witnessing a liberal talk about “historically low” unemployment figures. We aren’t included in the figures because we have no excuse.

The only way this trend will be reversed is if we do the heavy lifting and expose this anti-White system and its goal, our genocide “by any means necessary.”

The Trump Train & Anti-White Traitors Who Fear It

TRUMP train

Obama studied Constitutional law so he could circumvent the laws, not enforce them.

If Trump really wants to get patriotic and literal about the Constitution, the courts are going to be busy bees prosecuting anti-White criminals for treason. Jobs for everyone!

The preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America reads, and I quote:


“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Now, there is nothing I or anyone can do to help if you cannot grasp the significance of the text in bold. A preamble is defined as a summary or introduction that DESCRIBES or outlines the purpose of a legal document.

The Constitution also makes provisions for the LOSS of citizenship which was fraudulently gained and other measures for removing undesirables in the 14th amendment. And it makes additional provisions for prosecuting treason. Never mind borderline tyrannical, executive orders.”Laws already on the books”, as in ‘since the beginning of the Constitution’s ratification’ will suffice:


The Fourteenth Amendment does not provide any procedure for revocation of United States citizenship. Under the Supreme Court precedent of Afroyim v. Rusk, loss of 14th-Amendment-based U.S. citizenship is possible only under the following circumstances:[28]

Fraud in the naturalization process. Technically this is not loss of citizenship, but rather a voiding of the purported naturalization and a declaration that the immigrant never was a U.S. citizen.

Voluntary relinquishment of citizenship. This may be accomplished either through renunciation procedures specially established by the State Department or through other actions (e.g., treason) which demonstrate an intention to give up U.S. citizenship.[29] Such an act of expatriation must be accompanied by an intent to terminate United States citizenship.[30]…of_citizenship

You may recall that Trump even talked about the 14th amendment a month ago. In short, anti-Whites and foreign invaders are officially federally-f___ed if Trump gets elected. Their departure may or may not go down something like this

“Do you confess to fraudulently gaining citizenship? Sign here… Good bye.”


“Where are your papers please? Social security number please… Good bye.”

Now does it make sense why both sides are so scared? They stand to lose every penny they gained through demanding your silence, massaging the anti-White system and committing treason against the American people. The savvy politicians get it and they hate the Constitution that Mr. Donald Trump stands to restore.

No matter how you slice it, Americans win if Trump becomes President.

Shame Works

Lindsey Graham - Trump

Possessing a crystal clear understanding of what one truly believes with every moral fiber of their soul is akin to being served a little slice of heaven on a platinum platter.

A true, personal awakening can happen when the understanding of what one truly believes becomes inextricably harmonious with what is happening in reality.

You can actually witness this transformation in a person, even on the internet. This awakening and its aftereffects can be measured by those who already wield the power of simple truth. This effect is measured by counting how few words it takes one to describe almost anything. As a wise man once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” This Mantra x-factor is further quantified by analyzing the type of feedback we receive. Remember, “No feedback is still feedback.”

Take a look at the way most BUGSters process and boil down anything if you don’t believe me. We have some real people doing real thinking and they routinely shut down any simpleton who pokes his head up to utter some antiquated drooling BS. And they do it lickety split.

Our opposition can now successfully distinguish BUGSters (pro-whites) from garden-variety “White Nationalists” simply by reading our writing. The net outcome is that paid anti-Whites and their retarded siblings steer clear of us. This is so readily apparent Store Front is beginning to experience regular forum members steering clear of posting in our sponsored threads over there. We are banking serious “street cred” and are raising political capital like they can’t even imagine. Now, even the resident malcontents are reluctant to whine about us because they know what to expect.

Let me repeat that.

The only people ignorant enough to take us on are self-hating, White anti-whites and Anti-mantra Pro-Whites (AMPW’s). One group is typically paid handsomely for their efforts. The latter is not. I guess we just arrived at an exception to the standard answer for “What’s more stupid than a WHITE anti-white?”

Pro-White dissidents repeatedly point out something else everybody already knows, but nobody dare say. Both factions offer us nothing but words. Not hard work; not real world results; not even bodies to help. They offer the exact same thing The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness offers our people – nothing but heartache, misery, hate and genocide.

AMPW’s and the anti-White establishment are beginning to realize the audience is seeing their treason, laziness and gross negligence for what it is. And they are demanding representation. It’s plain to see that our refusal to remain silent is damaging our detractors’ sense of self image and demoralizing the subversives.

Shame: It’s a wonderful feeling when a winning program produces real-world results.

Pro-White loyalists are your new patriots


In the run-up to the American Revolutionary War many lines were repeatedly drawn in the sand on the banks of the Potomac. One of the more critical lines was the quasi-religious, political line of demarcation between “Loyalist” and “Patriot”. Translated, both factions pledged to-the-death allegiance to their respective establishment. British Loyalists were fighting for the crown and American Patriots fought for independence and their soon to be new world establishment.

More than 150 years of American exceptionalism is what most contemporary American Patriots identify with to this date. However, the mutual allegiance and ideal which they pledge to defend has transformed into cherishing the foreign-born over true-born Americans. They are under the assumed impression that the Constitution and Bill of Rights still applies to European Americans and our posterity. The anti-White establishment succeeded in resting the reigns away from the red-blooded patriot and their leadership by forcing draconian, “politically correct” immigration amnesty, housing laws, and school integration measures through government. To each detractor and dissident they would silence by merely screaming, “Heresy!”, just as in the case of all imperial religions.

British loyalists and imperialists infringed upon the colonists domain with tyrannical taxes and religion restrictions. By overreaching and pushing the forced-immigration and forced-diversity envelope over the precipice, The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness has played a leading role in helping shape and mold us into the Pro-White loyalists and political dissidents that we are today.

Our fight to “provide for the common defence…and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” is just beginning.

The Anti-White War Machine

white club soap largePITT4

When anti-White “Diversity” supremacists say “We need ‘More Diversity” sane people understand this as the demand for less Whites that it certainly is. After all, a neighborhood , business, etc… can only obtain “Diversity” once it becomes formerly Europid White. The screams for “More diversity!” only cease once Whites are a minority in their own neighborhoods. Then the edict comes down in whole cities and finally in our now-formerly-majority-White nations.

When anti-Whites say we need Racial Equality we know the anti-whites from academia and industry mean preferential treatment for non-white applicants.

When they say we need to ‘Discuss’ immigration reform or criminal amnesty we know they are preparing to FORCE millions of non-White immigrant voters on every White country and only on White countries. Again, theirs is a formula whose product is always, positively, absolutely ZERO WHITE CHILDREN.

Let’s set that aside for a moment.

When anti-Whites say we need Less Racism at hockey games, European football matches, and other sporting events we know they mean they are demanding that White students and fans “Need to shut the hell up” lest they find themselves expelled and their parents financially ruined and fans blackballed. Clearly, free speech was designed by our founding fathers for all Americans (of other than European descent).

When the anti-whites scream for “Tolerance!” and push White Privilege Conferences in our faces we know they mean that European American women must prove they are “anti-racist” by shacking up with the nearest non-white male and producing a child who is as disgusted with himself as the rest of society is. And evilracistwhitemen had better “wise up and follow suit” as well. The war machine’s simple yet sophisticated design produces more and more and more anti-Europid white zombies.

When they say they are quote Anti-Racists Fighting For ALL of Humanity unquote, we know they always and conveniently forget about White children and their interests and communities. What these social engineering monsters and their machinations really are is anti-white.

When ‘Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (DIPs)’ say they want to solve a RACE problem (racism, diversity, equality, etc…) we know they mean The White Problem. We now know they are pushing White genocide. The absolute solution to the problem of RACE is the elimination of the Europid white race.

Duluth, MN had been marked on the anti-whites’ map as the next Detroit. Not in my back yard, anti-White scum. No how; No way.

The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness and its anti-White establishment has a few cardinal rules:

The first rule of White genocide is “You do not talk about White genocide.”
The second rule of White genocide is “You do NOT talk about White genocide!”

Got mantra?
Get it? Got it? Good.

Anti-racist is a code-word for anti-white

Blacking-out Communism

ready for clinton3

Anyone who is anti-German is most certainly anti-White.

Stating the above can literally get you killed if you are powerful enough for your opinion to matter. How do people keep forgetting that World War II was fought over communism?

And why do they routinely forget D-Day and V-E Day made national holidays of an entire generation turning over our future to the communists; to the very people who vowed to destroy our race, the Europid white race?

The Great War wasn’t fought to stop the Holocaust of six million chosen few. It wasn’t fought because of some rusty, old, sunken boats in the Pacific either. It wasn’t fought because of a German and Japanese deficit in natural resources. Nor was it fought over whether or not we’d all be speaking German or whatever other silliness leftists come up with.

Hirohito’s Japan was already at war with the Chicoms by the time Axis powers were fighting to unite AGAINST the Soviet communist threat in Poland (Prussia). Naturally, it was a no-brainer for Hitler and Mussolini to partner with Nationalist Japan.

Nobody ever offers a reasonable solution for WHY Germania’s lightning-fast blitzkrieg worked. “Shock and awe.” Blah blah blah…. Warfare, like electricity, often takes the path of least resistance. Nobody ever points to how almost ALL of Europe laid down arms when the ‘Evil German Army’ lazily rolled through town. Hitler had already convinced Europa he could win and that he was right. His hate-crime, that is the crime he is hated for, was falling for the double-cross and losing in the end.

What’s truly puzzling to this writer is how every generation since, especially the weakest one, blacked out that FDR had America enter a war to effectively hand over a third of the world, the white race, to the Communists. Look what Mommy Professor ruling the universe got us. A 73% loss in our third share of the human population.

Recently, and shortly after my piece on the genocide of 14 million Germans was published, the BBC defied the Board of Broadcasting Governors (BBG) and posted the video near the bottom of this page, which charges the allies with genocide. It charges them with a genocide that was never punished.

The grandson of a U.S. Confederate Colonel and WWII Army Commander, General George S. Patton, later admitted the U.S. had fought for the wrong side. And some have even speculated he was assassinated because of this admission in Europe. In 1945 Patton wrote to his wife:

“I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it.”

“Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.”

People are STILL, to this very day, astonished to learn Teddy Kennedy was overtly working with the KGB. These same Americans are STILL, to this very day, surprised to learn that the Clinton administration publicly entertained and then sold classified missile guidance technology to China. And the ‘politically correct’ among us are STILL, to this very day, appalled to hear someone call the ongoing program waged against our people what it truly is, white genocide.

But, not me.

And something tells me General Patton wouldn’t be baffled by the painful simplicity of it all, either.

Hacking Nationalism

silicon valley tech diversity4

On May 29, 2012, Bret Baier’s resident Big Brain Bankroll over at the Respectable News Network (a.k.a Fox News) went on record stating that China’s “cyber terrorism” against the DOD should be met with equal measures from the USA. Charles Krauthammer says we need to strike back. Go on the offensive as a means of deterring them he said. He proceeded, “The line has been crossed. It (cyber warfear) is one-sided.”

He said the most recent ‘theft’ of national intellectual property amounted to “Cyber War”. The recent breach of internet security allowed the Chinese to access and obtain designs, programs, and directives for more than two dozen classified military weapons systems. From submarines to surface to air warfare, they got a sneak peek at it all.

Today, America experienced yet another national data breach stemming from Chinese hackers’ efforts. This instance gained Asian nationalist “cyber terrorists” access to government data dating back all the way to 1985. Woah! That’s a lot of information they should probably have to pay for. So, again, the call has gone out for reprisal – in particular counter-cyber attacks. “What can we do”, asks the pundit of the “Expert”.

And again my response is the same…ughn….

Now, that’s two consecutive Progressive Presidents who have enjoyed multiple breaches of national security. T-W-O. Two presidents who have enjoyed a CHINESE breach of national security of the highest order.

The solution, according to Chuck Krauthimmler, is to “graduate from passive to ACTIVELY” pursuing Chinese targets. Target them “with cyber warfare” he says.

In unrelated news on May 29, 2012, a Chinese acquisitions firm acquired a US pork and food giant for $4.7 billion, valued at $7.1 billion – but one of a plethora of foreign mergers and acquisitions. And the crippling national debt stands at about $18.2 trillion USD, much of it held by Chinese creditors.

When exactly will the so-called Big Brains stop pretending that it’s a-okay to sell our souls to the Chinese, and then in the same breath, ramp up and actively pursue said criminals as enemies and possibly even use these data breaches to declare war? In whose world is this considered sane? When will this two-faced, schizophrenic national security and foreign policy and trade madness end?

An astute observer might query, “So…. Where (or WHAT) is the problem?” The problem, Kee-Mo Sah-Bee, is in the silly notion that China has anything worth stealing. Rice? Gunpowder? Technology? Their genetic code? What?

What exactly would we steal from them? Designs for X35 knock-off fighter jets, nuclear submarines or missile guidance systems (Thanks Billary)? Why would, or how could, we steal back technology or manufacturing designs which have already been stolen from the US? We might be able to arrange destruction of certain stolen goods – perhaps.

To Chuck’s end, what might we “steal”, or hack, in “equal fashion”?  Nationalism maybe?

Fat chance. Or is it…?

#WhitePrivilege: A subtext for the #AntiWhite ages


For those lurkers and casual readers out there who don’t “buy in” to the FACT that what anti-whites are perpetrating against our children is genocide, I submit the following to you:

In 2012, courtesy of Tim Jacob Wise and Co., anti-whites ratcheted up the White Privilege meme through their preferred outlet in Duluth, MN. Talk about privilege. Today, this anti-White meme remains largely intact.

Despite the SPLC’s best and well-financed efforts, we won that first battle on the upper-Midwest/fresh coast front as UMD (University of Minnesota’s Diversity) officially repudiated their methods and message and pulled their support of the Unfair Campaign. Thumbs up. However, there is more to what they did with this. It’s time to re-crunch the subtext of the message they delivered. As in the case of every other heresy on record, “You must confess…” to your “whiteness” and renounce any real or perceived “White privilege”.

EVERYBODY in the Respectable World agrees that there is this “racist” problem called White Privilege.

EVERYBODY says that this earned privilege can, should, and will be taken away.

EVERYBODY says that there is one way and ONLY one way to solve this problem of White Privilege.

When asked HOW we whites are “privileged,” they scowl and scoff with palpable disdain, “You were BORN that way. You’re…’re white.” Clearly, the solution to the problem of whites being born with White Privilege is to do away with the problem of us being here; to genocide our race. They might sugarcoat their anti-White programs and say things like “We all bleed red. We’re all one race,” but what they really mean is “On Earth, whites have no place.”

They say they are anti-racist intelligentsia descended from the heavens to rid the world of “Racist, Privileged Scum.” Every nation enjoys a set of privileges. Europid White privilege is our inalienable right to life and the pursuit of happiness. What these anti-Whites want to win by eradicating ‘White Privilege’ is White genocide.  

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

“Adios America” spoiler alert (and others)


Have you ever thought “Lately I’ve been thinking ‘I don’t really have much time to do my own thinking”? No? Ok…

Have you ever had a friend who loved to ruin a perfectly good joke by skipping to the punch line?

“Spoiler Alert” is how movie critics announce permission to ruin the ending to another box office smash hit or the latest New York Times best seller. They not only want to chew your food for you, they want to digest it too.

Blurting out, “IT’S THE JEWS” every time something anti-white happens is not only more impolite and an incomplete thought, it’s a lot like stealing someone else’s dessert, finishing it and then adding, “It was delicious!” Like the irritating and overly-verbose movie critic with too much ink in his typewriter, AMPW’s (Anti-Mantra Pro-White’s) seek to rob potential pro-Whites of any thought process stemming from the origin and evolution of thought.

These essential steps must take place in order for the lay person to become proficient in identifying, understanding, and correcting racial problems. This free speech component is a critical device to understand and take note of because we need to develop more critical thinkers. We need more vocally criticizing the anti-White establishment and The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness. We need more individuals cohesively initiating this ‘challenge’ process all on their own.

The above instances pay dividends because your right to think for yourself is being rudely hijacked. And, besides, it secures others’ longevity as Truth-Sayer Sole Proprietor.

So, next time your AMPW friend screams, “It’s the jews!”, tell them, “No thanks. I prefer to chew my own food.”

ALL anti-whites must pay the piper for white genocide
ALL anti-whites must pay the piper for white genocide
ALL anti-whites must pay the piper for white genocide

pssst………Ann Coulter’s “Adios America” certainly contains a silent subtext

spoiler alert!:

Diversity is a code word for White genocide.