#FreeSpeech at the beach


A fool is one who reaches down to the sand, takes a pinch between his fingers and proclaims, “BEHOLD, the beach!”

Patriotards are really no different than the fool who experiences the beach one pinch at a time. The latitude to say what the anti-White establishment allows you to say and still keep your job is not an exercise in free speech. It is government-mandated conformity to Political Correctness.

Neither is it freedom of speech to be forced to acknowledge boundaries from which one can then practice applying their “inalienable” and “unbridled” rights. Nor is it freedom if one must ask permission or apply for a government permit prior to using it.

So, why do so-called Tea Party Patriots and quote Respectable Conservatives unquote continue to cite “freedom” when it’s painfully obvious that the phrase “constitutional rights” (and its explicit guaranteed freedom) no longer applies to Europid Whites?

Are they still getting paid for exercising political discretion?

Is ‘White Privilege’ really built around the de facto concept of European Americans securing and possessing fewer Constitutional guarantees than their minority counterparts?


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