Pro-White loyalists are your new patriots


In the run-up to the American Revolutionary War many lines were repeatedly drawn in the sand on the banks of the Potomac. One of the more critical lines was the quasi-religious, political line of demarcation between “Loyalist” and “Patriot”. Translated, both factions pledged to-the-death allegiance to their respective establishment. British Loyalists were fighting for the crown and American Patriots fought for independence and their soon to be new world establishment.

More than 150 years of American exceptionalism is what most contemporary American Patriots identify with to this date. However, the mutual allegiance and ideal which they pledge to defend has transformed into cherishing the foreign-born over true-born Americans. They are under the assumed impression that the Constitution and Bill of Rights still applies to European Americans and our posterity. The anti-White establishment succeeded in resting the reigns away from the red-blooded patriot and their leadership by forcing draconian, “politically correct” immigration amnesty, housing laws, and school integration measures through government. To each detractor and dissident they would silence by merely screaming, “Heresy!”, just as in the case of all imperial religions.

British loyalists and imperialists infringed upon the colonists domain with tyrannical taxes and religion restrictions. By overreaching and pushing the forced-immigration and forced-diversity envelope over the precipice, The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness has played a leading role in helping shape and mold us into the Pro-White loyalists and political dissidents that we are today.

Our fight to “provide for the common defence…and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” is just beginning.


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