White Men Need Not Apply


Recently, the President of Missouri University (and other Whites) was forced to resign from his position for not prosecuting “racism” on Mizzou’s campus thoroughly enough. This came about because the Mizzou football team threatened to renege on their athletic scholarships and sit-out until their long list of demands was met. Never mind, the unspoken and ongoing threat of anti-White terrorism on campus if University brass ignored the Black Lives Matter thugs. As usual, nobody called them on their bullshit and there are no lawyers with the requisite intestinal fortitude to take on a White client on that basis alone.

So, I wrote former Mizzou President Tim Wolfe to let him know that he was now one of us, whether he liked it or not:

“Disagreement is not hate. Free speech is not hate. Chasing Europid whites down for exercising our Constitutional rights does, in fact, constitute anti-White hate.”

Their motive is clear: There exists no explicit protection for White males under the letter of the law, only what is written in the Preamble. And there is no White family unit without productive White males.

We are not allowed to sue for anti-White discrimination in the workplace because everyone, including us, expects “privileged White males” to secure another job – and fast. After all, tax revenue doesn’t grow on trees. Everyone always seems less convinced that non-Whites will become productive again if terminated.

So, they are coddled, paid to stay in school, and “protected” like the ugly ape at the zoo. This assertion can be tested by observing the look on people’s faces when a White man applies for extended unemployment benefits, food stamps or witnessing a liberal talk about “historically low” unemployment figures. We aren’t included in the figures because we have no excuse.

The only way this trend will be reversed is if we do the heavy lifting and expose this anti-White system and its goal, our genocide “by any means necessary.”


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