The Washington DC Effect

miles to go2

“Perspective is everything” and “perception is reality” have become the Wordist’s way of restating the ‘theory of relativity’ in social terms.

The Nation, which our founding fathers fought and died for and their Posterity built from its ashes, has mutated into one giant ‘all-inclusive’ Sandals Resort. This “flip-flops only” immigration destination is replete with free education for “refugees”, in-state tuition rates for anchor babies, and Constitutional rights for everybody. All on the backs of our ancestors and at the expense of OUR children and grandchildren.

Let me be clear, geographical proximity to Washington DC does NOT guarantee one constitutional rights and special privileges. Earned citizenship and shared, spilled blood does that.

Sometimes proximity to problem-solving or an ongoing project blurs a man’s strategic focus and clouds his vision. These particular points in time represent opportunities where an objective professional can truly add value in industry or on the campaign trail. As is the case with the white mantra and the swarm’s meme seeding, perhaps we’re all positioned a little too close to our hard work to see the fruits of our labor, let alone accurately predict likely net outcomes.

Today, Dr. David Duke announced that a vote against Trump (and inaction on our part) is treason against our race. While I’m all for call to action, a large part of my soul remains skeptical about this assertion. Both Marco Rubio’s and John Kasich’s names have been bandied about lately. Then, yesterday, the Teflon Don told CNN that he will likely pick “a political insider.” Uh-oh… alarm bells and train whistles should be going off everywhere; standby to standby for a healthy salvo of Bob Whitaker “I told you so’s.”

Will Donald Trump unwind our tightly-wound memetic velvet web by selecting a paycheck cuckservative or non-White for Vice President? Wait. Isn’t this the year of the outsider? We’ll know for certain if Donald Trump is the real deal when he selects a pro-white dissident or less than respectable conservative for Vice President. I’m thinking Ann Coulter or Patrick Buchanan would seal the deal for me. Nevertheless, it appears to me that we’ve covered new ground in near record time.

Another major challenge with pioneering new frontiers is being unable to use history as a barometer and project likely net outcomes. Many on our team have run into this phenomenon lately, even our good ol’ coach.

Think of this challenge as a bit like attempting to triangulate with only one known node or “solving for x” with only one known variable. My major concern is that a brighter future for our children is largely running on fumes and guttural, killer instinct here, folks.

The most important takeaway is not so much knowing what to expect, but that we are pioneering new frontiers at all. No matter the outcome of this election year and its midterm spinoff, what’s crystal clear is that BUGS has stretched the Overton Window so far right that we have now made the impossible possible… again.

We have done our part on this leg of the journey. Now, it is America who must choose wisely… in 2024.

As they say, “The sky’s the limit,” and we all have “miles to go before I sleep.”


Shame Works

Lindsey Graham - Trump

Possessing a crystal clear understanding of what one truly believes with every moral fiber of their soul is akin to being served a little slice of heaven on a platinum platter.

A true, personal awakening can happen when the understanding of what one truly believes becomes inextricably harmonious with what is happening in reality.

You can actually witness this transformation in a person, even on the internet. This awakening and its aftereffects can be measured by those who already wield the power of simple truth. This effect is measured by counting how few words it takes one to describe almost anything. As a wise man once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” This Mantra x-factor is further quantified by analyzing the type of feedback we receive. Remember, “No feedback is still feedback.”

Take a look at the way most BUGSters process and boil down anything if you don’t believe me. We have some real people doing real thinking and they routinely shut down any simpleton who pokes his head up to utter some antiquated drooling BS. And they do it lickety split.

Our opposition can now successfully distinguish BUGSters (pro-whites) from garden-variety “White Nationalists” simply by reading our writing. The net outcome is that paid anti-Whites and their retarded siblings steer clear of us. This is so readily apparent Store Front is beginning to experience regular forum members steering clear of posting in our sponsored threads over there. We are banking serious “street cred” and are raising political capital like they can’t even imagine. Now, even the resident malcontents are reluctant to whine about us because they know what to expect.

Let me repeat that.

The only people ignorant enough to take us on are self-hating, White anti-whites and Anti-mantra Pro-Whites (AMPW’s). One group is typically paid handsomely for their efforts. The latter is not. I guess we just arrived at an exception to the standard answer for “What’s more stupid than a WHITE anti-white?”

Pro-White dissidents repeatedly point out something else everybody already knows, but nobody dare say. Both factions offer us nothing but words. Not hard work; not real world results; not even bodies to help. They offer the exact same thing The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness offers our people – nothing but heartache, misery, hate and genocide.

AMPW’s and the anti-White establishment are beginning to realize the audience is seeing their treason, laziness and gross negligence for what it is. And they are demanding representation. It’s plain to see that our refusal to remain silent is damaging our detractors’ sense of self image and demoralizing the subversives.

Shame: It’s a wonderful feeling when a winning program produces real-world results.

The Big Flip: “Bubbles” continued


Socioeconomic and geopolitical bubbles come in all hues and sizes; automotive industry, home loans, education debt; hell, even political bubbles happen.

The euphoric #RedWave, aka #RedNationRising, aka etc…etc… otherwise known as ‘The 2014 Midterm Election’, was experienced by both anti-White establishment PC gurus and Respectable Conservatives. The seeming ‘sea change’ event was a direct result of an ever-increasing, heightened state of racial consciousness.

That heightened state of consciousness was not brought about by action on their behalf. Nor was it brought about by inactivity. We get to take credit for the gentle dosing of reality administered in bite-size chunks to the American population.

In “Bubbles” I wrote about a wave of Nouveau Pro-Whites crashing down on our evilwhitesupremacistneonaziracist shores after the education debt bubble bursts. While that financial crisis alone is enough to send a fresh, system-shocking tsunami of European Americans in our direction searching for difficult decision-makers and overdue necessary solutions, it is but one mass exodus we will see poured out of the psychological internment camps of Political Correctness.

Meanwhile, and right this very second, Europid White Democrats are reinventing themselves – in many instances even switching parties wholesale behind the scenes. Democrat will become Republican and Repuplicrat whores alike will be at your beck and call until they iron out the wrinkles from the impending threat of third party, pro-White disestablishmentarianism sentiment. Never before have we seen so many Whites rejecting Political Correctness, and even more are hedging their bets against. After all, anti-Europid bank accounts cannot withstand The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness’ dominion becoming vaporized overnight.

We see that at the outset of ‘The Big Flip’, the anti-White establishment Republicans are the immediate benefactors. What will they do with their new-found power? Will they take the hint? Will they use it for good? Or will they capitulate, use it for evil; reinvent themselves and join the Neo-Third World Communist Party?

Fear ye not, for that will not be the case in the long run as more Whites of European descent begin comprehending that free speech is simply not a fashion show.

They can take their catwalk and shove it.