White Men Need Not Apply


Recently, the President of Missouri University (and other Whites) was forced to resign from his position for not prosecuting “racism” on Mizzou’s campus thoroughly enough. This came about because the Mizzou football team threatened to renege on their athletic scholarships and sit-out until their long list of demands was met. Never mind, the unspoken and ongoing threat of anti-White terrorism on campus if University brass ignored the Black Lives Matter thugs. As usual, nobody called them on their bullshit and there are no lawyers with the requisite intestinal fortitude to take on a White client on that basis alone.

So, I wrote former Mizzou President Tim Wolfe to let him know that he was now one of us, whether he liked it or not:

“Disagreement is not hate. Free speech is not hate. Chasing Europid whites down for exercising our Constitutional rights does, in fact, constitute anti-White hate.”

Their motive is clear: There exists no explicit protection for White males under the letter of the law, only what is written in the Preamble. And there is no White family unit without productive White males.

We are not allowed to sue for anti-White discrimination in the workplace because everyone, including us, expects “privileged White males” to secure another job – and fast. After all, tax revenue doesn’t grow on trees. Everyone always seems less convinced that non-Whites will become productive again if terminated.

So, they are coddled, paid to stay in school, and “protected” like the ugly ape at the zoo. This assertion can be tested by observing the look on people’s faces when a White man applies for extended unemployment benefits, food stamps or witnessing a liberal talk about “historically low” unemployment figures. We aren’t included in the figures because we have no excuse.

The only way this trend will be reversed is if we do the heavy lifting and expose this anti-White system and its goal, our genocide “by any means necessary.”


Pro-White loyalists are your new patriots


In the run-up to the American Revolutionary War many lines were repeatedly drawn in the sand on the banks of the Potomac. One of the more critical lines was the quasi-religious, political line of demarcation between “Loyalist” and “Patriot”. Translated, both factions pledged to-the-death allegiance to their respective establishment. British Loyalists were fighting for the crown and American Patriots fought for independence and their soon to be new world establishment.

More than 150 years of American exceptionalism is what most contemporary American Patriots identify with to this date. However, the mutual allegiance and ideal which they pledge to defend has transformed into cherishing the foreign-born over true-born Americans. They are under the assumed impression that the Constitution and Bill of Rights still applies to European Americans and our posterity. The anti-White establishment succeeded in resting the reigns away from the red-blooded patriot and their leadership by forcing draconian, “politically correct” immigration amnesty, housing laws, and school integration measures through government. To each detractor and dissident they would silence by merely screaming, “Heresy!”, just as in the case of all imperial religions.

British loyalists and imperialists infringed upon the colonists domain with tyrannical taxes and religion restrictions. By overreaching and pushing the forced-immigration and forced-diversity envelope over the precipice, The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness has played a leading role in helping shape and mold us into the Pro-White loyalists and political dissidents that we are today.

Our fight to “provide for the common defence…and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” is just beginning.

The Anti-White War Machine

white club soap largePITT4

When anti-White “Diversity” supremacists say “We need ‘More Diversity” sane people understand this as the demand for less Whites that it certainly is. After all, a neighborhood , business, etc… can only obtain “Diversity” once it becomes formerly Europid White. The screams for “More diversity!” only cease once Whites are a minority in their own neighborhoods. Then the edict comes down in whole cities and finally in our now-formerly-majority-White nations.

When anti-Whites say we need Racial Equality we know the anti-whites from academia and industry mean preferential treatment for non-white applicants.

When they say we need to ‘Discuss’ immigration reform or criminal amnesty we know they are preparing to FORCE millions of non-White immigrant voters on every White country and only on White countries. Again, theirs is a formula whose product is always, positively, absolutely ZERO WHITE CHILDREN.

Let’s set that aside for a moment.

When anti-Whites say we need Less Racism at hockey games, European football matches, and other sporting events we know they mean they are demanding that White students and fans “Need to shut the hell up” lest they find themselves expelled and their parents financially ruined and fans blackballed. Clearly, free speech was designed by our founding fathers for all Americans (of other than European descent).

When the anti-whites scream for “Tolerance!” and push White Privilege Conferences in our faces we know they mean that European American women must prove they are “anti-racist” by shacking up with the nearest non-white male and producing a child who is as disgusted with himself as the rest of society is. And evilracistwhitemen had better “wise up and follow suit” as well. The war machine’s simple yet sophisticated design produces more and more and more anti-Europid white zombies.

When they say they are quote Anti-Racists Fighting For ALL of Humanity unquote, we know they always and conveniently forget about White children and their interests and communities. What these social engineering monsters and their machinations really are is anti-white.

When ‘Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (DIPs)’ say they want to solve a RACE problem (racism, diversity, equality, etc…) we know they mean The White Problem. We now know they are pushing White genocide. The absolute solution to the problem of RACE is the elimination of the Europid white race.

Duluth, MN had been marked on the anti-whites’ map as the next Detroit. Not in my back yard, anti-White scum. No how; No way.

The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness and its anti-White establishment has a few cardinal rules:

The first rule of White genocide is “You do not talk about White genocide.”
The second rule of White genocide is “You do NOT talk about White genocide!”

Got mantra?
Get it? Got it? Good.

Anti-racist is a code-word for anti-white

The #NRA, #Teachers and White #Schools?


White schools, White teachers, white students… White WOMEN, you’re next. This #Diversity train doesn’t stop after chasing down White men.

“The NRA’s proposal of posting an armed guard at every school is absurd.” – Mommy Professor

“The NRA wants to put a police officer in front of every school. That’s just nuts.” – Chuck Schumer

“How are we going to fund this program? We’re broke; we’re out of money” – Bill O’Reilly

Naturally, the Sandy Hook massacre triggered emotional responses from parents on both ends of the political spectrum. Right on cue anti-whites rushed in to say “The only way to solve these problems of massacres is with less guns.” Wayne LaPierre of the NRA jumped out in front and said that “The only way to stop bad guys with guns is a good guy with a gun.” They made it their mission to take the torch and secure ALL schools, once and for all, while the left shamelessly used the massacre as fuel to wage war on a largely white, law-abiding population. And what about the latest string of threats against White students in majority black schools in Florida?

As usual, they make no mention of disarming these anti-White criminals.

Conventional Wisdom and Political Correctness went further on CNN saying, “Not so fast, RACISTS. We ALREADY HAVE armed guards and police officers in the schools that need them.”

You could almost see the audience raise a collective eyebrow. Their sense of self preservation helped them exercise their ‘right to remain silent’.

How come these school massacres seem to have a knack for occurring in predominantly white schools?

Why is it that armed guards and police officers are “already in place where they need to be” when schools are “under threat” from gang-related activity? Does gang-related activity now include white gangs? Will it ever? When was the last time a massacre like Sandy Hook or Columbine took place in a predominantly non-white school? So, why are non-white schools more important to secure?

Simply put, Mommy Professor DEMANDED that white schools remain unprotected because she cannot see a future which includes white children. Her anti-White religion dictates that she has no obligation to do so. In fact, she and The Holy Anti-White Church of Political Correctness won’t allow for the security of our posterity. The high priestess and his anti-White minions have spoken.

The following is a list of ten questions that can render you victim of anti-White socioeconomic terror:

  1. Are lawyers and defendants in courtrooms, doctors and patients in hospitals, pilots and passengers on airplanes, athletes and sports sports fans in athletic stadiums, congress and staffers on capitol hill, and merchants and consumers in the Mall of America really more important than our children?
  2. Why don’t we hear anyone talking about removing police and contract security from those institutions? Where was the public outcry when these security measures were implemented?
  3. If the goal is to keep our children “shielded from evil guns”, are children not allowed in airplanes, courtrooms, stadiums, malls or hospitals?
  4. I’m hearing about “violating the culture of education with armed guards.” Air marshals travel on airplanes. What about ‘school marshals’ or a silent security? Restoring our teachers’ right to carry and protect themselves would effectively make this exercise both random and anonymous by nature.
  5. Why does the anti-White school system dictate that OUR  children remain ear-marked for terrorism?
  6. How do we disarm people who have no regard for the rule of law?
  7. The experts who are consulted to deal with a problem seem to qualify by being the very people who made oversights in the first place. Why should we continue to accept that from quote experts unquote?
  8. Criminals will continue to gain access to guns unless we devise a plan for melting down absolutely, positively 100% of the firearms on the face of the Earth. Has such a plan been drafted and is that even realistic?
  9. When will Europid White teachers’ access to their second amendment rights be restored?
  10. When will liberals put their egos aside and agree to stop discriminating against Europid WHITE children and their right to a safe learning environment?

The day anti-white European Americans begin concerning themselves with the safety of OUR children, our teachers, and our women is the day they become non-white.

Diverse means formerly White.

#JayZ & #Beyonce – Rendering material aid to #antiWhite terrorists?

jay z beyonce donations

The Liberal, anti-White blog referred to provincially as “Raw Story” is renowned for its penchant for embellishing the truth with an eye toward defaming, demoralizing, and marginalizing Europid Whites. Raw Story’s latest blog entry from today had an all-too-familiar inflection possessing it.

Apparently, in RawStory.com’s anti-White, ‘Bizarro world’ my pointing out how criminal it is to be rendering material aid to domestic terrorists is “negative”. By contrast, they believe that what Beyonce and Jay Z did was “a positive” in bailing them out of jail:

    “…However, with every positive reaction comes a negative reaction as Twitter trolls trashed the couple for their support of protesters, calling them “thugs” and “anti-white…”

    “#JayZ & #Beyonce are the trash we thought they were, bailing out #antiWhite #THUGS in #baltimoreriot.#tcot #ccot #p2,” wrote @DanielGenseric, whose Twitter page bio claims he is fighting “#whitegenocide.”

So, I did a little digging. Come to find out, rendering material aid to domestic anti-White terrorists, whatever color they may be, appears to be in direct violation of ‘18 US Code § 2332D‘ of the Patriot Act, to wit:

    “The amendment added a further condition which allowed an interception order to be carried out. The interception order may now be made if a criminal violation is made with respect to terrorism (defined by 18 U.S.C. § 2332):…

  • providing financial aid [before or after] to facilitate acts of terrorism (defined by 18 U.S.C. § 2332d), or
  • providing material support to terrorists (defined by 18 U.S.C. § 2339A),…”

It appears that Shawn Corey Carter (stage name “Jay Z”) and his wife Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter did, by definition, render material aid to anti-White terrorists participating in the Baltimore, Ferguson and other riots targeting quote RACIST unquote police officers. Mature adults understand that “racist” means White or European in The Holy Church of Politically Correctness, which currently permeates our society. Interestingly, the series of tweets confessing to this federal crime have since been deleted after my calling them on the red carpet about their terrorist-minded shenanigans.

However, my guess is these two Royal anti-Whites will get off scot-free. After all, we have been bestowed with the monumental blessing of embracing a rabid, militant, black U.S. attorney general and their President.

#FreeSpeech at the beach


A fool is one who reaches down to the sand, takes a pinch between his fingers and proclaims, “BEHOLD, the beach!”

Patriotards are really no different than the fool who experiences the beach one pinch at a time. The latitude to say what the anti-White establishment allows you to say and still keep your job is not an exercise in free speech. It is government-mandated conformity to Political Correctness.

Neither is it freedom of speech to be forced to acknowledge boundaries from which one can then practice applying their “inalienable” and “unbridled” rights. Nor is it freedom if one must ask permission or apply for a government permit prior to using it.

So, why do so-called Tea Party Patriots and quote Respectable Conservatives unquote continue to cite “freedom” when it’s painfully obvious that the phrase “constitutional rights” (and its explicit guaranteed freedom) no longer applies to Europid Whites?

Are they still getting paid for exercising political discretion?

Is ‘White Privilege’ really built around the de facto concept of European Americans securing and possessing fewer Constitutional guarantees than their minority counterparts?