Hacking Nationalism

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On May 29, 2012, Bret Baier’s resident Big Brain Bankroll over at the Respectable News Network (a.k.a Fox News) went on record stating that China’s “cyber terrorism” against the DOD should be met with equal measures from the USA. Charles Krauthammer says we need to strike back. Go on the offensive as a means of deterring them he said. He proceeded, “The line has been crossed. It (cyber warfear) is one-sided.”

He said the most recent ‘theft’ of national intellectual property amounted to “Cyber War”. The recent breach of internet security allowed the Chinese to access and obtain designs, programs, and directives for more than two dozen classified military weapons systems. From submarines to surface to air warfare, they got a sneak peek at it all.

Today, America experienced yet another national data breach stemming from Chinese hackers’ efforts. This instance gained Asian nationalist “cyber terrorists” access to government data dating back all the way to 1985. Woah! That’s a lot of information they should probably have to pay for. So, again, the call has gone out for reprisal – in particular counter-cyber attacks. “What can we do”, asks the pundit of the “Expert”.

And again my response is the same…ughn….

Now, that’s two consecutive Progressive Presidents who have enjoyed multiple breaches of national security. T-W-O. Two presidents who have enjoyed a CHINESE breach of national security of the highest order.

The solution, according to Chuck Krauthimmler, is to “graduate from passive to ACTIVELY” pursuing Chinese targets. Target them “with cyber warfare” he says.

In unrelated news on May 29, 2012, a Chinese acquisitions firm acquired a US pork and food giant for $4.7 billion, valued at $7.1 billion – but one of a plethora of foreign mergers and acquisitions. And the crippling national debt stands at about $18.2 trillion USD, much of it held by Chinese creditors.

When exactly will the so-called Big Brains stop pretending that it’s a-okay to sell our souls to the Chinese, and then in the same breath, ramp up and actively pursue said criminals as enemies and possibly even use these data breaches to declare war? In whose world is this considered sane? When will this two-faced, schizophrenic national security and foreign policy and trade madness end?

An astute observer might query, “So…. Where (or WHAT) is the problem?” The problem, Kee-Mo Sah-Bee, is in the silly notion that China has anything worth stealing. Rice? Gunpowder? Technology? Their genetic code? What?

What exactly would we steal from them? Designs for X35 knock-off fighter jets, nuclear submarines or missile guidance systems (Thanks Billary)? Why would, or how could, we steal back technology or manufacturing designs which have already been stolen from the US? We might be able to arrange destruction of certain stolen goods – perhaps.

To Chuck’s end, what might we “steal”, or hack, in “equal fashion”?  Nationalism maybe?

Fat chance. Or is it…?


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